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Welcome To True³ Digital

About True³ Digital Mattress System

Introducing the all new, Generation 3, True3 Digital Mattress System with TRI-PHASIC, Multiple Cell Alternating Technology. Created to give clinicians an alternative to immersion technology (low air loss or air fluidized) while improving patient outcomes by providing TRI-PHASIC Alternating True Pressure Relief. Change the dynamics of offloading pressure ulcers with a Support Surface that is “Active” instead of “Reactive”.

Digitally controlled, TRI-PHASIC Alternating Pressure provides sequential pressure relief without Immersion. The True3 Digital Mattress System is a new and exciting technology that does not follow in the footsteps of standard body mass distribution of pressure but rather cyclically alternates a series of three cells through the system to ensure that one-third of the body is changed to a higher or lower pressure every two and one half minutes. This movement allows the patient to be placed “on the system” instead of “in the system”, relieving back pain and increasing compliance. Also, ensuring that no one portion of the body has high pressures for long periods of time all while inducing reactive hyperemia. Cyclic alternation of pressure prevents arterial and venous capillary occlusion in surface tissue maintaining and stimulating the flow of blood and lymphatic fluids through these tissues to provide essential oxygen and remove metabolic waste.

About WoundKair Concepts, Inc.

WoundKair Concepts is a provider of wound care products and devices that allow clinicians to
obtain the best possible outcomes. Our team works directly with clinicians to determine the needs and benefits of each product to ensure we deliver the best of quality as well as the best in class products. For over the past decade we have been introducing new and improved technologies to obtain better outcomes at substantially lower prices ensuring the availability of the technology to all patients in all care settings.

In today’s healthcare market you do not have time for products that do not compliment your wound care program. We bring only the best technology forward and ensure that it is less costly to its competitor product, while providing the best clinical outcomes. We are very proud of our products and are dedicated to providing the patient, the provider, and the facility the best possible wound healing solutions. We pride ourselves on customer service, quality standards, and product excellence.

We understand you have a choice and we want to be that choice when you have wound care needs.

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